Mick Howarth is originally from the United Kingdom and has over 25 years experience in the specialist framing field, working in London, Leeds, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Working in London was invaluable in regards to skills gained and a fantastic opportunity to build hundreds of large frames from scratch that were destined for museums and art galleries there. The insight that this experience allowed into international standards of quality and craftsmanship has had a great impact on his work skills.

He has worked extensively with varying mouldings and finishes and has developed a unique and distinctive style, introducing techniques that have not been used here before.

Examples of his work can be found in the Art Gallery of WA and Mick Jagger"s London apartment!

Having decided to settle in Western Australia he has now run Hand Made Frames in Perth since 1999.

Mick is very approachable and is very flexible to work with the client's own needs.

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